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Pathfinder Second Edition Deluxe Bundle

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This bundle contains:

  • Pathfinder Core Rulebook Pocket Edition
  • 1 Pathfinder Bestiary Pocket Edition
  • Pathfinder Bestiary Battle Cards
  • Pathfinder Bestiary Pawn Box
  • Pathfinder Combat Pad
  • Pathfinder Condition Card Deck
  • Pathfinder Critical Hit Deck
  • Pathfinder Chase Cards
  • Pathfinder Spell Deck: Arcane
  • Pathfinder Spell Deck: Divine
  • Pathfinder Spell Deck: Focus
  • Pathfinder Spell Deck: Occult
  • Pathfinder Spell Deck: Primal
  • Pathfinder Advanced Player's Guide Spell Deck
  • Pathfinder Adventure Gear Deck
  • Pathfinder Magic Armaments Deck
  • 1 Pathfinder Potions & Talismans Deck

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